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Meet the Management Team

Our companies founders with over 30 years of experience. We are a team which values honesty, collaboration, efficiency and customer service. As a result, we take immense pride in everything we do, and will be there for you every step of the process.

Raymond Gearhart
Leanna Gearhart

Raymond Gearhart


Leanna Gearhart


About Raymond

Raymond is a 20-year Air Force Veteran. Within his career, he has worked at various Air Force bases worldwide in the civil engineering field and liaised with various local vendors, for the procurement of parts, equipment, and services for military building renovation projects. While working in the military, he received four air force commendation medals, and an achievement medal for his outstanding performance related to all assigned duties and responsibilities as a manager, supervisor, and craftsmen.

He received a humanitarian service medal for operation “Firey Vigil” which was the evacuation of 20,000 air force, naval and D.O.D.

civilians and military dependents during the aftermath caused by the 1991 eruption of mount Pinatubo in the Philippines. 

In addition, he received a medal during the “1997 Northern California Flood Relief” effort. Our efforts and emergency procedures to secure the levees prevented the major destruction and evacuation of the surrounding civilian communities in Sacramento, California.

In 2001, he retired from the Air Force and worked for the Department of Defense in a civil engineering capacity for 9 years. During his employment with the D.O.D, he received eight superior performance awards.

In 2009 he relocated to Texas and joined Pacific Architects and Engineers (PAE) and was responsible and managed the hospital maintenance team for Sheppard A.F.B in Texas.


He is a distinguished graduate of the professional military education course and a graduate of the Air Force noncommissioned officers academy.

His valuable and acquired skill set to include: 

Civil Engineering to include heating and air conditioning and all residential and industrial controls and components.

Planned renovation projects from initial conception to completed.

Managed, supervised and worked with craftsmen on the Small Maintenance And Repair Team (S.M.A.R.T).

This included electrical, plumbing and carpentry work.

Licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency. 

About Leanna

As a child, growing up with her grandparent’s in Los Angeles, Leanna envisioned a plan to explore the world. During her lifelong journey, she has lived in England, Spain, India and travelled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the UK. She is a true citizen of the world who now calls Bradenton Florida home.

Along the way, Leanna has amassed a wealth of experience in the financial, real estate, property management, fashion, marketing and media industries and her knowledge and business relationships serves as a robust foundation for IRR International endeavors.

Leanna started in Los Angles as Vice President of Marketing and Advertising for Guess and was responsible for growing the company’s largest of 17 licensees, Guess Pour Le Bebe, Inc., and its fashion forward clothing lines for infants, toddlers, boys and girls, and teens. And, worked closely with vendors and in house manufacturers, managed all marketing and communications and managed companies’ budget of $10 million and remained in this position for 5 years.

Leanna was a consultant for Paris Hotel and Casino for Park Place Entertainment and served as president of a small online ticketing portal, which was acquired by All State Ticketing in Las Vegas Nevada.  This combination of marketing, gaming and online experience fueled her entrepreneurial ambitions, and set the state for her first step into the worldwide financial world.

While living in Gibraltar, Leanna Co-Founded served as Marketing and Communications Director of Transact Network, a leading EU electronic money institution-sold to Bancorp (NYSE:TBBK) in 2011. Her responsibilities included, corporate communications, related marketing activities and liaised with companies co-branded partners on specific marketing initiatives. This highly agile and rapidly growing e-money institution provides premier prepaid MasterCard and Visa cards, as well as modular prepaid services, across Europe. The company offers fully outsourced and managed services, utilizing its proprietary, in house-built customer card management portal that can be white-labelled for individual partners and clients, such as Bridgestone Tires, PayPal and Google.


Leanna renovated, operated, marketed a 15,000 square foot villa situated on Valderramma Golf Coarse in Spain.  During the pandemic, Leanna sold the property and returned to Bradenton Florida.

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